Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clangs, clang, Aaaaaah, yum, are the sounds you hear in Disneyland. Cotton candy, ice cream cookies, popcorn, are the smells you smell in Disneyland. But what if I owned Disneyland?
Scream ,  yeahhhh,  wooh hooooo,  splash , awesome, now that is my Disneyland because my Disneyland is awesome , my Disneyland is free, that is right free  because free means more people, more people means more hungry people,  more hungry people means more people going to my restaurants, gift shops, and Hotels , and that means more money than ever before! My Disneyland is awesome!
“What!? I am going to have sell Disneyland?!”
“Yup, you’re flat on broke.” said Mr.Smedrid.

Oh sorry see less people came because there is a new amusement park across the street called Samyland and less people means less money and I have to sell Disneyland.
Today is the sad day I Laurel Davis has to sell Disneyland. Mr. Smedrid laughed an evil laugh “Bwa ha ha ha, I guess the famous Laurel Davis owner of Disneyland has to sell Disneyland and live in a small house lonely and normal!”
Then a bunch of people wearing “I love Laurel Davis” shirts came charging in yelling “I want Disneyland!” The rides started running and I made millions.

“Whose going to live on the streets now Smedrid ” then the guards carried him away.
Now that is my Disneyland.

                                      The End


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