Thursday, August 11, 2011

The girl and the Centaur - Chapter ONE

          CHAPTER ONE  - The Centaur Named Apple                                                                                                                                                       
 One day a girl named Elizabeth (everybody just calls her Ellie) was walking to the store as her mother asked , then she heard a sound ,”BOO!”Then her sister Joey popped out of nowhere and yelled “did I scare ya??”  over and over and over again , “ Joey what are you doing here?”said Ellie “Mommy said I can come too don’t you remember?” said Joey “Oh yeah.” said Ellie,”Ooh a hors . . . what in the world?” said Joey.  “What is i . . . whoa”, there standing right in front of them was a horse /human, a centaur. “A centaur." whispered Ellie; “A what?” whispered Joey. “Sorry to break your conversation but it’s rude to point and stare.” said the centaur.  “Oh sorry, we were just leaving, let’s go Joe.” “I didn’t say you can go.” said the centaur. ”I am looking for two girls named Elizabeth and Johana Huggins.” said the Centaur holding up a paper and putting on glasses. “Well, call me Joey, nice to meet ya Mr. Mr. hey, you never told us your name centaur?” “Well I thought, why do you need to know?” said the Centaur “Well now we need to know.” said Ellie and Joey “If you have to know, my name is Apple.” Said the centaur “Cough , cough , chuckle , chuckle .” laughed Ellie and Joey “Hey, it’s not funny.” said  Apple “I bet if you were a colt and your farmer thought you were a foal your name would be Apple too.” said Apple angrily. ”Oh sorry it just seemed funny at first.” said Ellie then she nudged Joey. She was looking off in another direction at a toy shop window with a new Barbie in it. ”Oh what? Oh yeah, sorry.” said Joey “Well we got to go.“  said Apple. ”Your Mother and Father are already there, here get on my back.” said Apple. “Mommy.” said Joey.”I don’t have a Father?” Said Ellie .They both climbed onto Apples back and then Apple ran really fast, then he ran into a forest and stopped at a clearing, Ellie and Joey saw 13 centaurs and they saw their mother standing with the 13th centaur who was handsome but they did not recognize him.