Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hurricane Deadly

“Pull the sails, there is a hurricane coming!” Yelled, Captain Truldigger.
 “Captain, Captain, what will I do?” I asked.
“Ya ain’t doin’ nu’n it’s too dangerous up there, you’re going to the lower deck with Ma and the baby.” He said.
I ran down the rickety stairs. Usually I take my time going down the stairs looking at the prize pictures on the wall but now I couldn’t. When I got down the stairs I couldn’t believe my eyes, water was everywhere!
“Aaaah!” I screamed. Ma and the baby were gone! I ran back up the stairs and yelled “The lower deck is gone and so is Ma and the baby!” But when I opened my eyes expecting to see a sad Captain but nobody was there.

I apparently passed out because when I opened my eyes I wasn’t on a broken boat in a screaming ocean anymore, I was stranded on a tropical island. There was jungle as far as the eye could see. “Where am I?” I whispered to myself. “MA!” I yelled into the forest “nuts, no answer.” I growled. “MA!” I called again then I got an answer.

“What ya yelling ‘bout? No people will hear ya, you know that right?”
“Me? Me well I am Bill memba?” Then out of the forest came the ugliest looking man I have ever seen and that is actually saying something since I am a pirate.
“Wow, that is a nice Boat you got there” the nutty man said. I turned around and half of the boat was still there. “I’ll let you live with me if you let me put your fancy stuff in my house if you like to.” He said. “Well….ok.” I said gleefully because now I have family again but just thinking about that made me want to cry but I was able to hold it in.

 Bill showed me where he lives and the greatest places to hunt get fruit, water, and firewood for those chilly nights in the winter. I turned out to be a great mountain man and a great hunter.

One day I fixed the ship and sailed away to foreign countries to get married and get a job so when I went to America I met a beautiful woman named Anne and I grew up to be a great father.

The End

The Unsinkable Ship

They called it unsinkable, and it sunk. They wanted to go to America safe and sound, and they didn’t. Hundreds of lives lost, moms, dads, grandparents, children, dead, on the Titanic.
Bang, clang, vrrr. The engine of the Titanic started with the sound of a car purring, Dad waved at us and smiled, nearly hidden by all the other people. He promised that he will come to America with us when he could. “Sometime soon.” I hoped. Mom said we could bring one toy onto the Titanic. My brother, Escar, brought his marbles and I brought my doll, Mary.
The Titanic was the loveliest ship I have ever seen. I looked around as I walked on the top deck of the ship. Beautiful flowers bloomed in expensive glass pots, the name of the ship was engraved in gold on the side of the ship. I was very excited; I couldn’t wait to get to our room!
Today mom took us on a tour of the Titanic, everything looked so beautiful like the carpet in the dining room felt like I was standing on a cloud and in the main hall there was a golden chandelier! It was nine o’clock so we got in our beds and went to sleep.
It was12:00 midnight, Escar was shaking me “Mom said to get to the top deck immediately,” he hissed. I just mumbled to myself and started to follow him. The carpet was squishy and wet, when we got out of our room the water was an inch high!
“What did the plumbing.” I said to myself to make me feel better because I was really scared. When we got to the top deck mom was waiting there for us. She told us to get in the lifeboats so we did, she didn’t.
People were screaming and jumping off the side of the Titanic as the lifeboats floated away. We saw mom standing on the cracked deck of the Titanic as still as a statue, tears streaming down her face. She was holding Mary. The freezing water gushed at her waist, then we didn’t hear screams anymore. The Titanic was gone, so was my mom.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clangs, clang, Aaaaaah, yum, are the sounds you hear in Disneyland. Cotton candy, ice cream cookies, popcorn, are the smells you smell in Disneyland. But what if I owned Disneyland?
Scream ,  yeahhhh,  wooh hooooo,  splash , awesome, now that is my Disneyland because my Disneyland is awesome , my Disneyland is free, that is right free  because free means more people, more people means more hungry people,  more hungry people means more people going to my restaurants, gift shops, and Hotels , and that means more money than ever before! My Disneyland is awesome!
“What!? I am going to have sell Disneyland?!”
“Yup, you’re flat on broke.” said Mr.Smedrid.

Oh sorry see less people came because there is a new amusement park across the street called Samyland and less people means less money and I have to sell Disneyland.
Today is the sad day I Laurel Davis has to sell Disneyland. Mr. Smedrid laughed an evil laugh “Bwa ha ha ha, I guess the famous Laurel Davis owner of Disneyland has to sell Disneyland and live in a small house lonely and normal!”
Then a bunch of people wearing “I love Laurel Davis” shirts came charging in yelling “I want Disneyland!” The rides started running and I made millions.

“Whose going to live on the streets now Smedrid ” then the guards carried him away.
Now that is my Disneyland.

                                      The End