Friday, May 29, 2009

The Shooting Pill

Once there was a full moon, and Hilary knew that that meant "SHOOTING STARS!" When Hilary looked in her telescope there was a strange looking shooting star, it looked like a pill. The pill was actually a rocket ship, and Hilary and her brother Sam met two Plutonians with the same name and face as their own. They were suprised to meet Plutonian Hilary and Sam. They quickly became best friends. With the help of the pill-shaped rocket ship, they were able to travel with them to Pluto and discovered that Pluto was the same as Earth, same people, same things, same countries and languages even! The difference was that everything, including plants were red and white. With the help of their new friends, Hilary and Sam were able to travel to Pluto once a month without their parents noticing and make many new friends.

The End 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sophia and Abriella

Once their was a girl named Sophia. She has a wonderful friend named Abriella. Abriella made a card for Sophia. It was magical, it had a bag of dust, not regular dust but fairy dust. She gave it to her on her birthday. She wished for everything she wanted and was so happy that she let Abriella have one wish. It was to be friends forever.

The End.

Farmer Brown is Missing

The animals had fun playing on the trampoline last night. The next morning Farmer Brown was gone. They looked everywhere but he was not seen anywhere. "Oh, no! He's gone!" said the cows. "He's missing??" said the ducks. A bird flew in and said, "He's still in bed sleeping. I saw him in the bedroom window all along, he was sleeping...." 'Good Morning Farmer Brown!' said the animals. Farmer Brown woke up, had breakfast and fed the animals.